Social Media Camp 2019 - Preview

March 12, 2019

Enjoy listening to Paul Holmes of Smart Dolphins and John Juricic of the Juricic Real Estate Team chat about technology related issues. Today we take a peek into Social Media Camp 2019 Co-Founder Paul Holmes' session at this year's (April 25 - 26) conference. The conference will be focused around 3 key themes:

  • Social Media for Social Good
  • Making money with Social Media
  • Building Community

Paul will be speaking about "Alternative Social Media - State of the Disunion" ( We chat about Reddit & 4Chan. We also chat Social Media Platform Censorship. 

Gary Beyer - Mayoral Candidate for Victoria

June 14, 2018

John & Paul had a great time asking Gary Beyer why he wants to be Mayor of Victoria...what is his platform...what are his issues & solutions...lot's of fun! Thanks Gary.

The JPM gang chat with Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps about Social Media

March 28, 2018

The intrepid hosts of JPM interview Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps:

  • all about quitting Facebook...and maybe what is next...
  • we had a few moments at the end of our Social Media discussion...we changed course (about 25:45ish) and talked about bike lanes 

City Hall in the morning


Cryptocurrency…Blockchains…nano wallets…what’s going on? JPM chats with global expert Kyle Mackenzie, CPA of Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting

March 22, 2018


"a typical crypto currency nano wallet..."

We just couldn’t help ourselves and did a deep dive into Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency related issues with Kyle Mackenzie, Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting Partner and Global expert on Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Interview with Adam Olsen, MLA - Saanich North & the Islands

May 29, 2017

Well, we last interviewed Adam Olsen in Jan - 2015 - ( the man knows how to dress! So a few things have changed...have a listen to Adam Olsen - MLA talk about "recent" activities...LOL...this interview was conducted at the leg before the 2pm announcement between the Green & NDP parties. 


April 29, 2017

Well...after several decades of inactivity...Paul Holmes & I slapped together a appears and feels like we'll be getting off the couch & start regular podcasting also appears that months of inactivity & massive aging has facilitated a complete lack of listen today for the chaos, tomfoolery and general disruptiveness that we call the John, Paul and Mic podcast...anyways...

  • GREAT discussion about next week's (May 4th-5th) Social Media Camp...Paul Holmes is co-founder of Canada's Premier Social Media Conference

    • we focus on the seemingly absolute lack of civility, ethics, morality in today's social media discourse...trolling...bots...meanness, anger...
    • amongst the many great panel discussions & speakers at Social Media Camp, we talk about the May 4th "Political Panel" that will include Alise Mills, Sonia Theroux and Tess Van Straaten - #allfemalepanel
  • some great quotes from this podcast...
    • "the rules of how we communicate with each other have been re-written"
    • Social Media has facilitated a "fundamental re-writing" of our society"
  • Paul talks abouit another fabulous podcast that he's involved with -

Kalen Harris, Owner Shatterbox Coffee Bar - Community Commentator

August 24, 2016

Thank you to Kalen Harris, owner of the best coffee shop in Victoria, i.e., Shatterbox Coffee Bar on Pandora, as our August John Paul & Mic guest. 

Both Paul Holmes and Kalen Harris represent the finest of an emergent new digital media trend that I will characterize as the "Community Commentator". Good politics and fair, objective public policy are manifestly the result of robust and balanced community input and dialogue. John Paul & Mic intend to feature these community connectors and the profoundly human experience that they represent. 

Today Kalen, Paul & I chat about Social Media content and we try to figure out why it"generally" turns into such a mean and offensive sandbox in which to play in. Plus we talk about a bunch of other stuff.

Have fun listening and join in the conversation.

Political discussion abounds…what to expect over the next year…with politico & national pundit Michael Geoghegan

June 22, 2016

- US election 2016 - historical review / how did we get to Trump? / comparison to Cdn.Electoral system

- which candidate represents the middle class?

- lots of crony capitalism references…

- ElizabethWarren & VP Chatter…

- what is today's socialism…discussion…

- how might today's middle class angst manifest in next year's provincial election?

Social Media Camp 2016 review with Paul Holmes

May 18, 2016

Well, it's been a while since our last broadcast...we've both been busy...nonetheless, missed doing the broadcast with we're gonna try hard to get back to once a's JPM is all about Social Media Camp 2016, an extra-ordinarily successful digital media conference in beautiful Victoria, BC. Paul is co-founder...

  • Snapchat...what's going on...?
  • Social Media Camp background organizational chatter
  • SMC co-founder Paul Holmes digital business background review
  • Social Media 2016 themes:
    • Information revolution chatter & concequences
    • ah, the humanity of it all
    • story-telling
    • texting...killing literacy
    • abundance of video...

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries with Chad Moats of Raven Herbal

January 3, 2016

Paul sits down with Chad Moats, proprietor of Raven Herbal, one of the many medical cannabis dispensaries that's opened recently in Victoria.

The conversation meanders around current and historical marijuana and drug laws in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. They also chat about the state of affairs in Canada today, particularly around the impending end to prohibition, and all the legal, moral and societal complexities involved with these changes.

"Weed be remiss not to do an episode about this." -- Paul's pun